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AdiIRCAPIv2.Interfaces Namespace

All the available interfaces
Public interfaceIChannel
Represents a channel object
Public interfaceIChannelMask
Interface for ban/except/invite/quiet lists
Public interfaceIChannelUser
Represents a user
Public interfaceICustomWindow
Represents a custom window created using the /window command.
Public interfaceIDns
Represents a ip address entry as a result of a /dns lookup.
Public interfaceIEditbox
Represents a Editbox inside a IWindow.
Public interfaceIEditboxOptions
Interface for returning Editbox options
Public interfaceIMessagesOptions
Interface for returning Messages options
Public interfaceINicklist
Represents a Nicklist inside a IWindow.
Public interfaceIPlugin
Inherit from this class in your plugin, e.g class MyPlugin : IPlugin
Public interfaceIPluginHost
Overall plugin manager
Public interfaceIPrivateWindow
Represents a private window.
Public interfaceIServer
Represents a server window.
Public interfaceITextView
Represents a TextView inside a IWindow
Public interfaceITools
Interface for various Tools
Public interfaceIToolWindow
Represents a ToolWindow, such as Rawlog.
Public interfaceIUser
Represents a user
Public interfaceIWindow
Represents a form window